The Cancer of Unknown Primary Foundation ("Jo's Friends") is a charity providing information and support to CUP patients and those who care for them. It aims to raise awareness of CUP and promote improved diagnosis and treatment. The charity was established in memory of Jo Symons who died with CUP in September 2006 a few days after her 46th birthday. Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) is hidden cancer. The term is applied when a patient is diagnosed as having cancer which has spread (metastatic cancer), but the origin of the cancer cannot be identified (through imaging or pathology). This makes treatment, which is based on the profile of the primary cancer, extremely difficult.
The Martinsey Isle Trust and its Art of Living and Dying Project sees living and dying as a single and continuous journey of love and discovery. It uses the art of communication and the Arts themselves to open dialogue around end-of-life, funeral and all types of bereavement issues. Judith Pidgeon and her team of professionals and volunteers offer impartial advice, support and information around sitting with the dying, funerals and bereavement of all origins, hoping to bring solace, peace and self empowerment.
The Stephen Perse Foundation is a leading independent school based in central Cambridge.
Reprieve delivers justice and saves lives, from death row to Guantánamo Bay.
Merrilyn Thomas is a writer, Cold War historian and honorary research fellow at University College London.
Darren Yeadon is a sculptor based in Goodwick, Pembrokeshire. He is the creator of Megan's Rock, a sculpture commissioned by Merrilyn Thomas as a tribute to her daughter.
Gillian McClure is a children's illustrator and writer.