Wordsmith: The Gift of a Soul

Wordsmith: The Gift of a SoulWordsmith: The Gift of a Soul is a collection of poetry and prose written by Megan Young, an equine veterinary surgeon who died of cancer in 2010 aged 32. The book has been lovingly assembled by her mother, Merrilyn Thomas. Megan's writing is suffused with an awareness of the spirit yet it is grounded in the reality of her life as a scientist and equine vet. A vet saves lives but also ends them. Megan wrote: '... I wonder what made me such a one/Who would lead so many to that dark place/With whose heart those final beats would resonate/By whose hand so many last breaths would drift away/And if I could somehow hold that air in the room/Would the life remain there too.'
Megan's RockThe book is also a moving account of a mother's relationship with her daughter, both in her life and in her death. In compiling the book, Merrilyn came to know her daughter in a way that the hectic pace of life can obscure. Who was this child to whom I gave birth, she asks. Who is this person who seems to have such understanding of the mystery of life.

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  • Published by Medlar Tree Publishing
  • Written by Megan Young and Merrilyn Thomas
  • ISBN 978-0-9576491-0-1
  • Paperback 210 x 148 mm
  • 96 pages
  • Price £9.99 (including postage within the UK)

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Reviews for Wordsmith: The Gift of a Soul

'Horse lover, poet, veterinary surgeon, dreamer, arch realist. Megan Young was the kindred spirit I never met; the woman I wish I could have been. Hers was a life force cruelly taken from us. A beautiful, lyrical gem of a book.'
Melanie Reid, The Times

'This labour of love is an example of bearing despair with grace and positivity. Wordsmith [tells] of a child's life through her mother's eyes mixed with the grown child's verse charting life events. An inspired idea ... This is more than a book of exceptional poems. It's inspirational - a mother and daughter so closely involved in producing this Gift of a Soul.'
Anne Hailes, Irish News

'Lovely and extraordinary. Like Plath, [Megan's] meaning is often hard to grasp but you sense something prophetic in her inspiration as if she could glimpse things unseen to the rest of us.'
Gillian McClure, children's author and illustrator

'Wordsmith is an extraordinary book: uplifting, sad, lyrical and deep, taking us into a sometimes elusive world that is rich with meaning. When I had finished the book I immediately wanted to read it all over again.'
Jan Arriens, writer and translator